Ao Doulang

The Aodoulang brand was founded by three people who met outdoors in Japan. The three elements of heaven, earth and people will help you understand the Japanese outdoors together.

No Outdoor No Life!

  • "Snow, sea, mountains, soil, land"

    Aodulang takes "sky" as the starting point. We do skiing, diving, mountain climbing, camping, and entrepreneurship to share experience activities and courses. We hope to become a part of Aodulang with more travelers!

    God has given us so many things, but we have never understood the phrase "depending on God for food". It was not until after traveling for many years that we deeply understood the importance of the weather on our mobile phones and how important the snow and storm forecast app is. This is something we often think about. I ignore the point because I am too busy to pay attention to the surrounding environment. However, there are some jobs and professions in this world that are running with everything God has given.

  • "ground", "land"

    When there is heaven and opposite side, there will be earth. Everything in the world is basically one body with two sides, and one cannot exist without the other!
    When traveling to a place, you will want to know about the famous local products and characteristics and experience them yourself. The same is true for Adoro. There are many secret places in Japan’s countryside. The characteristics and products of each place are often the daily livelihood of local people. In addition to sharing the unique outdoor itineraries and activities of Ado people, we also share interesting products and products in each region. Local specialties.

  • 「人」「郎」「ろう」「RO」

    Humans are the most important bridge between heaven and earth. Without human beings, heaven and earth cannot be put to good use. There are many craftsmen and experts in Japan. During his travels and outdoor experiences, Adoro learned about various ways that rely on heaven and earth. In Living People, Ao Doulang not only shares these people, but also allows you and me who want to become Ao Doulang and outdoor coffee lovers to have a glimpse of the life stories of these people!

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Japan is only a 2.5-hour flight from Taiwan. A country with distinctive scenery throughout the four seasons, including cherry blossom viewing in spring, festivals in summer, eating crabs in autumn, and playing in the snow in winter... Traveling to Japan has long been the first choice for Taiwanese people to go abroad. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have different interesting themes when traveling to Japan in each season? How about camping and enjoying cherry blossoms on Mount Fuji in spring? In the summer, go to Niigata to attend the music festival or watch the fireworks in Takaoka! Eating crabs and admiring maple leaves in Kurobe Gorge in Toyama in autumn ~ In winter at Echigo-Yuzawa Hot Spring Village, you can have a glass of ice milk after skiing and soaking in the hot springs!



In winter in Japan, you can see the snow-capped mountains surrounding you like an ink painting. Echigo-Yuzawa is only 77 minutes away from Tokyo Shinkansen. Surrounded by mountains, it has the best hot springs, sake, gourmet food and snow-capped mountains. It is a place that Japanese people often visit. A popular resting place to visit. The conceited guys started here, winter sports - skiing! We glide in various ski resorts, fly on the powder snow, glide through the forest, practice Free Style, and ask local guides to take you to BC. We live here and enter the fourth snow season. How to play in the snow and how to ski? Follow Ao Doulang and become a snowman!



Japan, which has nearly tens of thousands of islands, is surrounded by sea similar to Taiwan. In recent years, more and more people in Taiwan have begun to engage in diving, surfing, and SUP! So when you go to Japan, in addition to attending the Summer Yukata Fireworks Festival at night, how about playing water sports during the day? Streams formed by mountains, rafting and sho streams! For pleasant and comfortable marine activities, Aodulang has professional divers to take you to see different underwater worlds in Japan! In addition to going up the mountain, you can also go down to the sea to experience a different charm of Japan.