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Echigo Yuzawa

Course commemorative video shooting

Course commemorative video shooting

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  • This product is only available for purchase by those taking ski lessons
  • The instructor will take simultaneous photos during the course
  • Use action cameras and mobile phones to record
  • Provide original files within one week after class Share using the cloud
  • Regardless of the number of days of the course, all are priced on a single basis , and a minimum of 20 photos and 3 videos are provided.
  • If the additional purchase service is not suitable or cannot be provided due to weather (such as heavy rain, fog) or any force majeure factors, the full additional purchase fee will be refunded.
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common problem

What is the difference between professional ski photography and course commemorative photos?

Professional ski photography <br/>You can purchase it regardless of whether you have taken ski lessons or not. A photographer will shoot with a single eye. If necessary, you can also follow with a sports camera or mobile phone.

Course commemorative photos are only available for purchase by those who have taken skiing lessons. The instructor will use a sports camera or DC or mobile phone to take and record the photos during the class.