common problem

1. What is the registration age for Aodulang ski lessons?
Adult class: 11-65 years old Children's class: 5-10 years old

2. Among friends in the same group, what should I do if some want to learn snowboarding and others want to learn ski?
Q: If the projects are different, please divide them into two classes. The same coach can only teach a single project (single board or double board) at the same time.

3. How long does it take to learn it for the first time?
Q: It is recommended that you choose a 5-hour full-day course to improve your gliding skills.

4. It’s my first time skiing and I’m already good at turning. Can I be in the same class?
Q: Since students have different levels, it is recommended to study in separate classes. The teaching progress of the same class will be based on those with lower levels.

5. How many people are suitable for group study?
Based on our teaching experience and effective learning progress, it is recommended for adults that 1-4 people have the best learning progress. For children aged 5-8 years old, 1:1 teaching is recommended.

6. Can parents be in the same class as their children?
For parent-child learning, it is recommended that children are in one class and parents are in one class, and the learning progress will be better with just teaching.

7. Should a child learn to snowboard or double board first when skiing for the first time?
It is recommended that children aged 5-8 years old should take ski and ski courses first, and those aged 9 and up are welcome. You can confirm the learning program with the coach in advance based on the child's personality and favorite sports.

8. Skiing for young children?
Young children need more attention, and 1:1 teaching is strongly recommended for ages 5-8.

9. Arrangement of days?
2 days of skiing holiday (day1: full-day course / day2: half-day course in the morning + free skiing in the afternoon)

10. Do I need to buy ski passes in advance?
You may not need to use the one-day pass on the first day of the course, please discuss this with the instructor.
You can also search for information on discounted ski tickets for the ski resorts you want to visit in advance.

11. Safety instructions for ski resorts: Safety comes first, establish a correct concept of safe skiing, and do what you can.