Skiing Risk and Safety Statement

I have fully understood the sport of skiing and its hidden potential dangers, which may cause injuries and losses to myself or others due to personal physical and mental conditions, skills, equipment, venue and other factors. In order to reduce risks and maintain the safety of myself and others, I agree and abide by The following statement:

  1. The physical condition is suitable for skiing, and there are no congenital or acquired diseases or symptoms that are prohibited by doctors from exercising. Such as heart disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy...
  2. The mental condition is suitable for skiing and there is no poor mental state or emotional instability.
  3. When you feel uncomfortable physically or mentally, report to the instructor immediately and stop skiing.
  4. Use ski equipment that is safe and fits your body shape, and replace it immediately if it is damaged or faulty.
  5. When engaging in skiing, you must wear appropriate protective gear, and it is strongly recommended to wear a helmet.
  6. Do not ski in unfamiliar ski trails, snow areas, woods, steep slopes and deep valleys without reaching a certain level of skill and level to avoid accidents.
  7. When engaging in skiing, try to go with others and never go alone.
  8. I do not stop arbitrarily in the center of the ski trail, at the intersection of the slides, when turning downhill, or behind obstacles that others cannot see. I keep a certain distance from other skaters to avoid causing inconvenience to the skaters and the risk of being hit.
  9. I respect the professionalism of the coach/instructor and follow the advice and instructions of the coach/instructor.
  10. If you find that you or others are injured, do not move arbitrarily and immediately notify the coach/instructor or ambulance personnel to assist.
  11. Pay attention to signs and warnings on the ski resort and do not enter closed slides and areas.
  12. When riding the cable car, you must go up and down in order, follow the instructions of the staff and coaches, and do not swing or play on the cable car.
  13. Individuals must bear the greatest responsibility for accidents and losses caused by personal negligence, intention, or negligence.
  14. I have fully understood the potential dangers of skiing and have purchased valid travel insurance or other appropriate insurance before taking skiing lessons, and ensure that the insurance coverage covers accidents or injuries that may occur during skiing activities.

I have truly read the contents of the above "Ski Sports Safety Statement" and fully understand that I shall bear the maximum responsibility for the physical and property losses to myself and others caused by my own negligence, intention, fault, or violation of the above statement. responsibility.
Emergency Contact:
Emergency contact number:

Safety Statement

I am participating in the skiing course organized by Aodoulang (hereinafter referred to as Party A) and I know that this activity involves certain risks. And agree to abide by the following terms of participation and all related regulations:

1. I voluntarily participate in the 2023-2024 "Winter Private Ski Lessons" activity organized by Party A (hereinafter referred to as this activity).

2. I have carefully read the "Registration Instructions" published by Party A on the website
"Cancellation and Refund Policy"
Understand and be willing to abide by Party A's regulations on activity courses.

3. I agree to bear the risks of high-risk activities that may occur in this activity course. I clearly understand that this activity may cause physical injury and property damage. I have read the registration instructions in detail and clearly understand that Aodulang has group accident insurance, but I am still willing to accept Audulang's recommendation for personal travel insurance. I hereby declare that I am clearly aware of the instructions and can bear the responsibility and accept the participation. All risks arising from the activity.

4. In order to minimize the risks that may arise from this activity, I promise to act in accordance with Party A’s instructions throughout the entire process, abide by the relevant regulations of this activity and cooperate with the instructions of the staff; I am willing to do a good job in self-management, physical management, epidemic prevention and safety Obligation to avoid causing physical injury, safety or property damage to yourself or others. And promise that during this event and within 4 to 6 hours before participating in the event, I will not drink, smoke, stay up late, or abuse drugs. If I have health and physical conditions (such as chronic diseases, cardiovascular diseases, etc.) Please do not sign up for this event if you are sick, diabetic or pregnant), you should clearly inform Party A of your obligations before the start of the course, and you should ensure your physical health. If there is any violation, Party A has the right to prohibit the individual from participating in the activity and will not be liable for any damages.

5. I am over 18 years old. Persons under the age of 18 must have the consent of their legal representative to participate in this event. I have read this consent form in detail and fully understand its contents.

I am an adult and voluntarily sign this agreement when applying for ski lessons. If I am a minor, I need the consent of my legal representative, who signs this agreement. ○○○I (or my family if I am a minor) have carefully read and fully understood the above matters before signing this statement agreement. By agreeing to all items mentioned in this Disclaimer Agreement, you sign the Aodulang Disclaimer Agreement.

1. Taiwanese emergency contact number: 0800-085-095
2. Telephone emergency call: Police Station - 110, Fire - 119

In the event of an emergency or sudden illness, you can contact our staff in Japan immediately, or dial 110 or 119 to call an ambulance. If you do not speak Japanese, it is best to explain that you are a foreigner (eg: I am Taiwanese. Watashi-wa Taiwanjin de-su),
It will be transferred to the Interpretation Center for processing.