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Echigo Yuzawa

Freeride Camp Advanced Snowboarding (SB) Ski Course

Freeride Camp Advanced Snowboarding (SB) Ski Course

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Learn skiing with Japanese instructors at Freeride Camp

Course date: March 16, 2024 (Saturday)
Course time: 9:30-15:30
(5 hours course, plus 1 hour lunch break)

Course content:

  • Advanced gliding techniques
  • Learn to ride on different natural terrains
  • Learn the art of gliding unevenly

(The above is an estimate, and the actual course content will be adjusted based on the snow conditions of the day)

Lesson ski resort: Niigata Echigo Yuzawa GALA YUZAWA
Instructor : Takashi Ogishima (SAJ full instructor, same as Level 3)

Course fee: ¥40,000/person
(Including ski lessons, photography, Japanese-Chinese translation, insurance)

Course Restrictions: Must be able to make smooth S turns on the red line
Courses are open for more than 4 people , with a maximum limit of 8 people

  • Coach is experienced
  • Photography with class
  • simultaneous translation
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Ogishima Takashi

- Canyons Ski School Snowboard Training Officer (6 seasons)
- Gala Official School Ski Instructor (8 seasons)
- SAJ SB full instructor (same as Level 3)

Competition experience
- More than 10 years of SBX player experience
- Third place in the 33rd JSBA All Japan Snowboard Cross
- Original JSBA Certified Pro-Snowboarder

  • Convenient transportation

    The fastest trip from Tokyo Station is 71 minutes , and the ski resort is right after exiting the station.

  • Snow quality and quantity are relatively good

    The area near Echigo-Yuzawa Station has the highest altitude and relatively good snow quality and quantity.

  • Rich facilities in the station

    There is a hot spring in the ski resort. You can soak in the hot spring after class to relieve muscle soreness after exercise.

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Lesson Photographer

The course will be recorded by a photographer who will use a single eye to take pictures, and will be available for all students to download and use.

Full translation and follow-up course

The course is taught in Japanese, and a translator will be assigned to translate the entire course.


What is included in the course fee?

Includes 5 hours of ski lessons, Japanese-Chinese course translation, course photography, and course insurance

  • The instructor of this course teaches in Japanese, and there will be an interpreter on site to translate the course.
  • The photos in the course will be provided to course participants later.

Ski equipment and ski passes (lift tickets) are not included

At what level can I register for a course?

The minimum requirement for this course is to follow the S turn on the red line

If the level does not meet the above requirements, please choose a personal trainer course .