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Echigo Yuzawa

Professional Ski Photography

Professional Ski Photography

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  • Photography is mainly done with one eye
  • Action cameras or mobile phones can be used to shoot according to needs
  • Please note that this is a purely skiing shoot, no skiing lessons.
  • The shooting duration is 5 hours a day (not including lunch break)
  • Can be purchased with ski lessons and will be captured by a photographer

Pure flat photography plan

  • Cost: 70,000 yen
  • Cost includes: 80 photos

Dynamic and flat photography solutions

  • Cost: 85,000 yen
  • Cost includes: 80 photos and 20 videos

Advanced plan

  • Cost: 100,000 yen
  • Cost includes: 80 photos, 20 videos, 1 edited video
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Take good memories home with you

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common problem

What is the difference between professional ski photography and course commemorative photos?

Professional ski photography <br/>You can purchase it regardless of whether you have taken ski lessons or not. A photographer will shoot with a single eye. If necessary, you can also follow with a sports camera or mobile phone.

Course commemorative photos are only available for purchase by those who have taken skiing lessons. The instructor will use a sports camera or DC or mobile phone to take and record the photos during the class.