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Toyama - Toga Village

Japanese traditional snowshoe experience - Snowshoeing

Japanese traditional snowshoe experience - Snowshoeing

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  • Location: Toyama Prefecture Toga Village
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Cost: 5,000/person
  • You are responsible for your own transportation. If you need to connect, you can purchase it for an additional fee.
  • Group of 4 people
  • Japanese guide
  • Led by locals
  • Experience snow walking
  • Optional picnic available
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Snowshoe & Kanjiki

What are snowshoes?

Snowshoes were created by people living in the snow country in order to be able to walk on the snow. Snowshoes can increase the contact area with the snow and disperse the pressure under the feet, making it easy to walk on soft snow without falling into deep snow.

What’s so special about traditional Japanese snowshoes?

  • Japanese traditional snowshoes (かんじき)

    Mainly made of wood and hemp rope, it is light weight, easy to carry, and cheap, but has relatively low buoyancy on snow.

  • Modern snowshoes

    Mainly made of aluminum alloy, they are larger and heavier than traditional Japanese snowshoes, but they have better buoyancy on the snow, so they are often used in modern mountaineering during the snow season.

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Includes itinerary

forest walking

A walk in the woods

Wear snowshoes to walk on the white snow and among the woods, feel the tranquility brought by the forest in the snow, and experience the style of the snow country.

snow tubing

Snow donuts

Snow donuts are a way for local adults and children living in the snow country to enjoy the snow. Let us enjoy playing in the snow with the locals.

Snow picnic

The local guide will prepare a delicious meal for you, and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and delicious food on the snow leisurely.

*Picnic is an add-on purchase plan